(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

To celebrate her daughter’s special day, she shared multiple photos of her daughter on social media and wished her a happy birthday. In addition, she revealed details of Lexine’s miracle birth which till this day is a direct reflection of God’s power. I her post, she said: Ist scan showed it was Fibroid, 2nd scan (diff. hospital) showed it was Fibroid and pregnancy but an incomplete abortion (whatever that means) but that I had to flush you out, which I thought i did.

A week later, i still felt sick so I called the Dr. and I was scheduled to surgically complete removal of the remaining tissue. On my way going, the holy spirit directed me to go to another hospital which I did and was told you were still inside and I had no Fibroid. instead of being happy, i cried and worried whether to keep you or not, worried if you will be normal after all the drugs and all. look at you now baby girl.

Adaeze Yobo  is a former Most beautiful girl in Nigeria

adaeze yobo and cute family
adaeze yobo and cute family

, married to Joseph Phillip Yobo, a former Nigerian professional footballer who played as a centre back. He was the captain of the Nigerian national team until his international football retirement in June 2014, and he is Nigeria’s record appearance holder.


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