(Last Updated On: May 21, 2018)

Anthony Joshua tells Deontay Wilder he will ‘f*** him up’ – but is refusing to fight in America due to judge and referee ‘tricks’.

Deontay Wilder
Deontay Wilder

But British boy AJ insists the fight will take place in the UK, claiming he wants to avoid the “tricks” of American referees and judges.

Boxing fans are desperate to see the two fighters finally shake hands on a mega-money deal to unify the heavyweight division.

Negotiations have become a drawn-out affair as proposals continue to go back and forth between the camps.

Wilder believes Joshua can earn more money if he crosses the Atlantic for a battle in the States.

But AJ is adamant he will not go to America to “rain down hell” on Wilder.

And the mega-star has explained that he does not want to risk coming up against some questionable refereeing decisions or dodgy scorecards with his belts on the line.

Speaking at a dinner talk in Cardiff, Joshua said: “This is the situation I’m thinking.

“So with this Las Vegas talk, I owe it to everyone in Great Britain that has been supporting me to do my best to get this fight in the UK, in my opinion, that’s number one.

“He [Wilder] has kind of said ‘alright, cool, come fight me in America’. But the thing is with that, I owe it to the fans and everyone supporting me to do it here.

“And number two, if I go there, there’s a lot of tricks that they play in terms of referees and judges and that’s why I want to be at home where I’m secure.

“Luckily, we’ve got enough time to make the fight happen and we’re working on it. We’ve just sent another draft email over to them. It’s just the technical jargon that we’re going through right now.

“I ain’t got nothing to lose and I’m [going to] rain down hell on him – I’m going to f*** him up bad. You’ve seen it, I can go to hell and back. I enjoy it there as well, this time I’m going to own it.

“We’re big hitters, so for sure I’m going to be throwing a lot of combination punches and it’ll be interesting. I think he’ll be trying to pick punches. I’ll just be coming forward and swinging a lot of combinations, just trying to catch him and hurt him early on.”

Source:  The Sun


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