(Last Updated On: October 8, 2019)


The Initiative to Save Democracy (ISD) group has accused the ‘cabal’ in the presidency of renewed plot to tarnish the image of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The group in a statement on Saturday by its Secretary, Peter Oladele, said  the presidential cabal are plotting with top leaders in the South-west to plant fake news and lies against Osinbajo.

ISD added, “The first thing they attempted to do was to destroy the relationship between the President and Vice President but that has not worked despite deploying different strategies from inside and outside.

“Then they tried to malign the Vice President’s reputation by throwing up all sorts of trump charges against him but with no evidence of wrongdoing that soon crumbled.

“They even referred to the N5.8 billion NEMA Emergency Intervention, the N90 billion FIRS Campaign Fund and other fake news but all those failed too because they were fake news from the beginning. They even went after those who have backed the Vice President.”

The pro-democracy group disclosed that the media and social media would be awash with fake news and lies about Yemi Osinbajo in the coming days and week.

The group said the cabal is planning to impeach the vice president before the 2023 elections.

“In the coming days and week, there will be fake news and lies about the Vice President in the media and social media space yet again, most of it fabricated by the cabal and some people who claim to be South West leaders led by a former governor of Lagos who is afraid of VP’S rising profile.

“Their plan is to oust him in time before 2023 elections which is still very far away.

“The plan of the cabal is to ensure that they distract the Vice President every week with some fake news. What this will ultimately mean is that instead of him to focus on the work he is doing for Nigeria, he will be concerned about the fake news and lies,” ISD stated.

Source: NaijaNews


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