(Last Updated On: August 22, 2019)

A Nigerian-Us based multi-million car dealer, Chidi Mike welcomes his newborn baby with a brand new C300 Benz car.

The baby girl named Heart Anyanwu was seen dressed in a beautiful dress, placed in the baby seat, posing unconsciously in her new ride.

In a bit to show his love for her daughter, the father inscribed ‘Heart’, the name of the little girl on the car using a decorated ribbon.

Taking it further, Chidi was captured feeding the girl with her feeding bottle, while she gulped the food with her eyes shining beautifully at her father.

Still lavishing Heart with love, the father purchased for her, a golden hand chain and a neckless lace with the inscription of her name, ‘Heat CMC’.

In a pose with heart, Chidi was also seen raising his golden wristwatch side by side with heart’s golden hand chain to prove it is of the same quality.


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