(Last Updated On: February 25, 2015)

In its front line role to ensure the rapid development of the air cargo sub-sector of the Aviation industry, the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company plc (nahco aviance) has concluded plans to hold the first – ever Air Cargo Summit in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Company announced in Lagos that the event would be a gathering of who is who in the Nigerian aviation industry as key stakeholders are set to brainstorm on the way forward for the industry.

The Chief Commercial Officer of the Company, Mr. Seyi Adewale, said that although some progress had been made in the development of the sector in recent years, what operators in the sector had been doing basically was to scratch the surface. He stated that the Summit would explore ways to expand and grow the industry beyond what operators had ever imagined.

He disclosed that the industry regulator, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), had been requested to chair the occasion so as to make regulatory pronouncements which the Summit would use as a guide in in its discourse.

Adewale was quoted in the statement by nahco aviance as saying, “This Summit would allow government to see areas of opportunities, ensure better engagements amongst stakeholders, highlight areas of concern within the air cargo business and lastly, discuss l way forward for better safety & air cargo security.”

According to him, air cargo is a major driver of the Nigeria’s economy and is infact, also a potential high earner of foreign income for the nation as oil export earnings have been downward.

 He said further, “Safety is a primary issue within the industry and we have to keep reinforcing ourselves for potential challenges ahead and get the buy-in of Cargo Agents too! They will be well represented at the Summit.”

Adewale however warned that there are sacrifices to be made for the industry to get to the desired destination. “There are sacrifices to be made in the days ahead from our estimation and we could all agree to the sacrifices that must be made to assure safety, security, efficiency etc.,” he pointed out.



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