(Last Updated On: July 18, 2019)

An award-winning gospel artist, Dr. Tumi has claimed he rejected a $1 million (N360m, R14 Million) monthly offer to join the Illuminati Society

 The South Africa gospel musician shared this via a post on his Facebook page.

According to what he shared, the handlers that contacted him claimed to have noticed him and also admitted that he would be of value to the society.

 He added that the group promised him money, great fame, and international influence if he joins the society.

“So early today they tried to recruit me to join an Illuminati society. Got told I have been noticed and would be of value. Got promised $1million a month and great fame and influence across the globe. But we are not the type you can buy with money. wont leave Jesus for fame or fortunes. I am Already bought with the highest price when Christ gave his life for me. And it is God who will cause my name to be great. Not a society. Interesting days,” he wrote.

Source: NaijaNews

South Africa Pastor
South Africa Pastor


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