(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

One thing I admire most about the north is apart from humongous foot soldiers who blindly obey without subjecting instructions to any lucid thought process , they are extremely strategic in their planning and follow through.

They also have a small team of highly intelligent strategists who they listen to.

Unfortunately for most of our leaders in the south, as “cerebral” as we say we are, they can be incredibly asinine in the decisions they take.

Rather than make long term strategic plans which will ultimately benefit their people, they prefer decisions that will provide instant gratification to massage selfish egos.

The Buhari federal government recently tried to forcefully, subtly takeover ALL waterways clearly with a subterranean intent.

The resistance and blowback is just dying down and yet they have successfully infiltrated at least one southern state, one with one of the largest water bodies in the south and unarguably with the largest water body in the South West.

Tinubu/Sanwoolu just made Kabir Ahmed a native of Daura in Katsina state the wait for it ; COMMISSIONER FOR LAGOS STATE WATERWAYS!

I don’t have a problem with a non indigene being made a Commissioner. Infact I welcome it cos it integrates our diversity and the non indigene could infact bring a fresh perspective to bear on governance but for Tinubu/Sanwoolu to cede control of Lagos waterways to an agent of the same person intent on encircling and locking down the south through its waterways boggles my imagination and my very small intellect!

They couldve given Mr Ahmed any other portfolio but it had to be that particular one!I guess the carrot Tinubu got in return was too tempting to resist cos I know he is very intelligent but as is usual Asiwaju has no qualms about denying his heritage for a selfish recompense.

If the untoward happens despite all our outcries, posterity will judge Tinubu et al, who have consciously,without being coerced constituted themselves into Afonja replicas against their people’s interest very harshly!

I concede one point to the north however reluctantly.

They are very strategic, focused and tenacious.I may not like the ends those traits are used to achieve, but I do admire those traits, very much.

Source: Mrs Toyin BALOGUN


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